This deploys via SSH and rsync to a remote server. This is the recommended way to deploy if the system supports it as it is a very fast and reliable way. It uses the system's SSH config so for authentication just configure SSH as you would normally do. The username part is optional and defaults to the current user that is signed into the machine or whatever is picked up as default from the .ssh/config.


target = rsync://


The rsync deploy method supports both username and password parameter though it's recommended to use .ssh/config and an SSH agent to secure the deployment. The --password parameter is not supported! Instead you need to use --key-file (LEKTOR_DEPLOY_KEY_FILE) or --key (LEKTOR_DEPLOY_KEY). The --key-file is the path to an OpenSSH private key.

If you are using --key you can directly copy paste the contents of a key into a string. This is useful if you want to use it as an environment variable. The format for the string is KEY_TYPE:BASE64 where KEY_TYPE is the type of the key (RSA, EC, etc.) and BASE64 is the base64 encoded private key without newlines or whitespace. To find out which type your key is look at the first line of the key marker. For instance BEGIN EC PRIVATE KEY indicates an EC key. If no key type is defined RSA is assumed.