Lektor is a very young project so naturally not that many plugins exist yet. This is a list of currently known plugins.


These are official plugins which means that they were developed by the authors of Lektor and kept in good shape together with the rest of the project:


These are unofficial plugins. This list is moderated and updated regularly, but they still aren't developed by the authors of Lektor, so they might not keep pace with development on Lektor.

  • s3: allows deployment of websites to S3 buckets
  • markdown-excerpt: adds filter for Markdown body excerpt
  • github-repos: fetches your GitHub repos for display in Lektor templates
  • google-analytics: Adds Google Analytics support to Lektor-generated site.
  • yandex-metrica: Adds Yandex Metrica support to Lektor-generated site.
  • atom: Generate Atom feeds for your content.
  • surge: Publish your site to Surge.
  • netlify: Publish your site to Netlify.
  • tags: For each tag on site, build a list of pages with that tag.
  • i18n: Use GetText .PO files to translate your site content.
  • htmlmin: Automatically minifies .html files in build directory
  • creative-commons: Add Creative Commons license to your pages
  • nofollow: Easily create nofollow links in markdown
  • minify: Minify changed files automatically during the build
  • asciidoc: Add asciidoc field type
  • shortcodes: A plugin allowing you to use shortcodes (something like tags) in your model fields
  • thumbnail-generator: A plugin allowing you to generate configurable thumbnails for all your attachment images, so you can link them in your posts
  • rst: A reStructuredText plugin

Have your own plugin and you want to see it here? Just edit this page on GitHub, add your plugin to the list and send a pull request.