get (id, alt='_primary', page_num=None)

  • Method of Pad

This can look up a single Record and return it. In templates this method is particularly useful when having to work with other pages that are well known to the system but some information should be pulled from. Note that this loads by default the "primary" Alternative.

The path needs to be absolute with folder separated by slashes.

The default behavior is to load the unpaginated version of a record. If you want to select a specific page for pagination, then you need to pass page_num with a valid page number or you use the virtual path (@1 for the first page for instance).


This is a simple example that shows how to use the method in a template:

{% set root = site.get('/') %}
<title>{{ this.title }} | {{ root.title }}</title>

Here another example that loads the current page but in another language:

{% set other_lang = site.get(this._path, alt='ru') %}
<p>This page in Russian: {{ other_lang.title }}

Virtual Paths

This method can also be used to look up virtual paths. For instance to fetch a specific version of a pagination you can use a virtual path instead of using the page_num parameter:

>>> pad.get('/blog@3')
<Page model=u'blog' path='/blog' page_num=3>