resolve_url_path (url_path, include_invisible=False, include_assets=False, alt_fallback=True)

  • Method of Pad

This method is used by Lektor to resolve a URL path to a Source Object. This is not particularly useful to use within templates but it's very useful in the shell to debug what's happening in Lektor.

This can resolve into any source object, so not just records. If you only want to resolve to records you can pass include_assets=False and only records will be included.


Shows an example of how to resolve paths into assets:

>>> pad.resolve_url_path('/docs/api')
<Page model=u'doc-page' path=u'/docs/api'>
>>> pad.resolve_url_path('/header.jpg')
<Image model='none' path=u'/header.jpg'>
>>> pad.resolve_url_path('/static')
<Directory '/static'>
>>> pad.resolve_url_path('/missing-page') is None